Sunday, February 21, 2010


WHY YES. I DID get a makeover!
Thank you for noticing. (:

New background, courtesy of Shabby Blogs.
And new font (Pea Jane) courtesy Kevin & Amanda!

Alsooo. New header! Courtesy, uh. Me! I used my own photography, and then edited it with Picnik! (My hero, because I still don't understand Photoshop, haha)

Just thought I would tell ya bout this.
So, uh, now ya know!

Okay I'm going cause I don't know what else to say (:


Nooooooo. I am NOT an alcoholic or drug addict.
I personally don't like to spend my time hanging out at Kroger, smoking and drinking like the jocks and cheerleaders at my school.

Yes, I said Kroger.
It's kinda ridiculous if you ask me. I mean, come on. Kroger? What do you say? "Oh hey guys, what's up? Wanna go do some illegal stuff at Kroger?"


Anyways. Like I said. I'm not any of those things. I'm more of a:

TV addict.
Olympics addict.
Movie addict.
Book addict.
Photography addict.
Computer addict.
Disney addict.
Facebook addict.
Food addict.
Music addict.

Speaking of!
What I'm Listening To:
Smile-Uncle Kracker

["You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe. Shine like gold, buzz like a bee. Just the thought of you can drive me wild. Oh, you make me smile."]

Great song. Listen. Love. Etc. (:

Anyways. I just realized that I am addicted to all those things, yet I couldn't bear to give any of them up for Lent. Couldn't handle it. I'm kinda a wimp. But, oh well.

Well anyways, gotta go. Cause uh. THE OLYMPICS ARE ON.
(Number 2 on my Addict List, if you were too lazy to look) (:

Well, I hope by the next time I write on this. Someone will have read it. Haha.
Adios gnomies.

P.S. I'm still in love with my best friend D:

sing me to sleep.

What I'm Listening To:
Jasey Ray-All Time Low

"I've never told a lie and that makes me a liar. I've never made a bet, but we gamble with desire."

All Time Low is my favorite band. By far. (But The Maine and Forever The Sickest Kids are working their way up) Amazing. That song is from their first album, Put Up or Shut Up. Awesome album. Go buy it. (If you want to.) You should.


It's been pretty stressful few days. But I'm gonna make this brief cause I REALLY want to go to bed. But today I went to a movie with my friend from voice. He's fricken hilarious.

What? Are you surprised I have a life outside the internet? Yes. I do have friends. SHOCKING.

Sarcasm, you get used to it. (:

Sorry. I don't know why I'm feeling so bitter today. It's been a long day. Actually, that's a lie. It hasn't. I guess I'm just bitter cause of nothing.

Unless you call nothing being in love with your best friend.
Yeah. It kinda really sucks. Cause, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me. But here I am. Talking to him all the time, but he'll never know cause he's so oblivious.
And perfect. (:

Okay. If he ever finds this. I might go cry in a corner for days, so I'm gonna shut up.

Well, I love you my little invisible non existent readers! Woot.

Adios gnomies.

Monday, February 15, 2010

i love this town.

Quick post..

See. The funniest thing happened today..
I didn't want to go to school tomorrow, and then my school system closes down schools because of one inch of snow..
Coming from Virginia.. This is almost pathetic, considering they just got.. Oh, I don't know, FOUR FEET OF SNOW!!!

God bless you, wimpy Alabamian school officials who might have possibly never seen a true snowfall in their life..
You are my new heroes..

Minus The Maine.. .. .. ..
And valet parkers.. .. .. ..(:

Adios gnomies..

good day. possibly.

Hellloooo my beautiful imaginary blogger friends! Today has been good. I think.

So I've decided to add a new part to my blog. It shall be called: What I'm Listening To.
I feel like since my blog is called that I should incorporate it into my daily posts. So we're going to start it now. Woooo! Partyyyy!

What I'm Listening To:
Whoever She Is--The Maine

Yes, recently I have become very obsessed with this song. Which even surprises me because I'm typically not into slower songs. But this is. A great song to say the least. Go check out The Maine, they are my new heroes. Minus all valet parkers. (:
But that's another story for another post.

Now, today. Pretty good. Pretty boring but whatever. Sometimes the lazy days are the best. You know? Woke ate a bagel and some peanut butter outta the jar. Then watched Lost. I just started the first season and so far I like it.
So far. (:

P.S. I am a MAJOR tv addict. Major. I have three DVRs (aka the southern tivos) and I need all of them (: Kinda sad, actually.

Well, I wanna go read my book (Lock & Key, Sarah Dessan) and watch the olympics.

Adios gnomies!

best website ever.

so i feel like i should give credit where credit is due.

just a few days ago i found the most amazing website. ever. it has great recipes, scrapbooking ideas, and free fonts.

hence the awesome fonts on my blog.

i really think you should go check it out, i downloaded all of their fonts (scrapbooking and handwriting) to my computer and can't stop using them!

so go check them out!
its: kevin & amanda [ blog ]

currently i'm using 'Cry Kitty' for my headers and 'Pea Colton' for my entries.

go check em out!
you won't be disappointed!

adios gnomies,

Sunday, February 14, 2010


so here i am.

i told myself i wouldnt even post today but like i said: here i am.

guess i cant stay away. even though no ones even read this so far! i mean sometimes i feel like im talking to a wall, but its a very nice wall. colorful and im sure it has lovely designs, with some nice greens....okay anyways.

today was valentines.
yes, yes. most romantic day of the year, "dreams come true" day.

valentines has recently made me very bitter. if you cant tell. its that time when you dont sit in elementary school and every student brings cartoon valentines with chocolate taped on, and thats all you do for the day.

no. i wish it was like that. instead im in high school, where couples meander throughout the halls everyday and show off their love obnoxiously. holding hands. looking into each others eyes and the disgusting making out (which sometimes looks like they're eating each other's faces) in corners where they think no one can see them.

oh dont worry. we see you.

but lately, i've been dateless. honestly i've been dateless pretty much my entire high school career. and the times when i haven't it wasn't exactly love at first sight, fireworks blowing up in the background.

needless to say, ive basically become the scrooge of valentines.
i moped around, watched lost all day, and made my parents a card.
oh the excitement.

well, before i become even more bitter about this stupid, little made-up holiday, i'm going to sign off. and hope that by tomorrow i have someone at least to daydream about.
at least for this blog's sake.

adios gnomies.

Friday, February 12, 2010

the olympics!

WOOT! oh my gosh, i fricken LOVE the olympics! ask anyone in my family and they'll say i'm obsessed. i even printed out a schedule of all the events and highlighted the ones that i wanted to watch. needless to say, pretty much all seven pages are a beautiful highlighter yellow (:

i mean come on! the snowboarding! the figure skating! the speed skating! the skiing! its fricken AWESOME. and shaun white is possibly the coolest, more talented, and awesomest athlete ever. i'm completely addicted to his game and i've pretty much been in love with the flying tomato since last winter olympics.

(p.s. shaun if you ever read this, you're like my hero. kinda)

okay, so anywayssss.
back on subject.
the olympics.

its possibly the greatest thing this entire world has done. no joke. i mean as a whole entire world, were kinda like a massive, dysfunctional, jerry springer family times like 1000. and its not like theres lots of options to choose from. but anyways, i'm not going to go all "world peace" advocate on ya now. but you have to admit. the idea of all these countries that almost never get along under any circumstances, all together in one place at one time. its pretty cool.

have i mentioned that i love the olympics?
and shaun white?

hahaha. (:

okay so. i am almost done with this entry. promise. but first i would like to dedicate it to nodar kumaritashvili, the georgian luge person who died in the crash today. the tragic ending to his life really shook me up when i heard about it. i, of course, had never known him. or even heard of him before today but my thoughts are with the luge team, his friends, and his family. the part that hurt me the most is that it was probably his one dream in life to go to the olympics and all hes ever worked towards and dreamed of. it hurt me because, he made it onto the team, flew all the way to vancouver only to crash even before the opening ceremonies. never to compete. his lifelong wish. only to be snatched away. he is in a better place, but i am saddened that he never completed it. i'm sure he was a wonderful man, and he will be remembered.

sorry that took so long. i guess i kinda got carried away.

well, this is me signing of for the night.

adios gnomies,

good morning?

hello, well hey there. i'm mallory. but you can call me mals too. so, i've, uh, never blogged. but theres a first time for everything right? and i suppose i am now classified under the "girl-who-spends-way-too-much-time-on-her-computer-and-blogs-late-at-night" category. which is fine with me, because i suppose both are true.

so, i don't really know why i decided i wanted to blog. thought it would be cool i suppose. maybe one of those stories where girl starts pouring her heart into it, then WAM. shes famous. that would be nice, but highly unlikely. considering no ones probably ever going to read this.

or for that matter, like it.

so, i guess this is where i get into me right? well. im not one of those emo girls sitting behind a rock everyday during lunch eating some random asian, foreign food that no ones heard of. nope, not me. but im not a cheerleader. im just one of those average girls roaming through life.

oh my gosh, my life is already starting to sound like a horrible cliche.

but anyways, i have lots of friends and im that type of girl who can talk to the cheerleaders, jocks, geeks, scene kids and no one seems to care. as my mom would like to say, imma "floater."

im into all kinds of crap. like theatre, acting, dancing, singing, music, musicals, piano. basically. if its creative. im there. except art, i mean i went through art 2, but i can still only draw stick figures (:

theres lot more to me but i figure through the course of this thing, youll eventually know more about me than anyone else. which kinda frightens me. you'll also learn that i suck at grammar, can't spell worth beans, and don't like to capitalize often...or ever.

well. thats all for tonight i think. but, i think maybe tomorrow you'll actually learn how sad my poor, sad, pathetic life really is.

this is me signing off from my very first blog entry.

adios gnomies,