Friday, February 12, 2010

good morning?

hello, well hey there. i'm mallory. but you can call me mals too. so, i've, uh, never blogged. but theres a first time for everything right? and i suppose i am now classified under the "girl-who-spends-way-too-much-time-on-her-computer-and-blogs-late-at-night" category. which is fine with me, because i suppose both are true.

so, i don't really know why i decided i wanted to blog. thought it would be cool i suppose. maybe one of those stories where girl starts pouring her heart into it, then WAM. shes famous. that would be nice, but highly unlikely. considering no ones probably ever going to read this.

or for that matter, like it.

so, i guess this is where i get into me right? well. im not one of those emo girls sitting behind a rock everyday during lunch eating some random asian, foreign food that no ones heard of. nope, not me. but im not a cheerleader. im just one of those average girls roaming through life.

oh my gosh, my life is already starting to sound like a horrible cliche.

but anyways, i have lots of friends and im that type of girl who can talk to the cheerleaders, jocks, geeks, scene kids and no one seems to care. as my mom would like to say, imma "floater."

im into all kinds of crap. like theatre, acting, dancing, singing, music, musicals, piano. basically. if its creative. im there. except art, i mean i went through art 2, but i can still only draw stick figures (:

theres lot more to me but i figure through the course of this thing, youll eventually know more about me than anyone else. which kinda frightens me. you'll also learn that i suck at grammar, can't spell worth beans, and don't like to capitalize often...or ever.

well. thats all for tonight i think. but, i think maybe tomorrow you'll actually learn how sad my poor, sad, pathetic life really is.

this is me signing off from my very first blog entry.

adios gnomies,


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