Friday, February 12, 2010

the olympics!

WOOT! oh my gosh, i fricken LOVE the olympics! ask anyone in my family and they'll say i'm obsessed. i even printed out a schedule of all the events and highlighted the ones that i wanted to watch. needless to say, pretty much all seven pages are a beautiful highlighter yellow (:

i mean come on! the snowboarding! the figure skating! the speed skating! the skiing! its fricken AWESOME. and shaun white is possibly the coolest, more talented, and awesomest athlete ever. i'm completely addicted to his game and i've pretty much been in love with the flying tomato since last winter olympics.

(p.s. shaun if you ever read this, you're like my hero. kinda)

okay, so anywayssss.
back on subject.
the olympics.

its possibly the greatest thing this entire world has done. no joke. i mean as a whole entire world, were kinda like a massive, dysfunctional, jerry springer family times like 1000. and its not like theres lots of options to choose from. but anyways, i'm not going to go all "world peace" advocate on ya now. but you have to admit. the idea of all these countries that almost never get along under any circumstances, all together in one place at one time. its pretty cool.

have i mentioned that i love the olympics?
and shaun white?

hahaha. (:

okay so. i am almost done with this entry. promise. but first i would like to dedicate it to nodar kumaritashvili, the georgian luge person who died in the crash today. the tragic ending to his life really shook me up when i heard about it. i, of course, had never known him. or even heard of him before today but my thoughts are with the luge team, his friends, and his family. the part that hurt me the most is that it was probably his one dream in life to go to the olympics and all hes ever worked towards and dreamed of. it hurt me because, he made it onto the team, flew all the way to vancouver only to crash even before the opening ceremonies. never to compete. his lifelong wish. only to be snatched away. he is in a better place, but i am saddened that he never completed it. i'm sure he was a wonderful man, and he will be remembered.

sorry that took so long. i guess i kinda got carried away.

well, this is me signing of for the night.

adios gnomies,

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