Sunday, February 14, 2010


so here i am.

i told myself i wouldnt even post today but like i said: here i am.

guess i cant stay away. even though no ones even read this so far! i mean sometimes i feel like im talking to a wall, but its a very nice wall. colorful and im sure it has lovely designs, with some nice greens....okay anyways.

today was valentines.
yes, yes. most romantic day of the year, "dreams come true" day.

valentines has recently made me very bitter. if you cant tell. its that time when you dont sit in elementary school and every student brings cartoon valentines with chocolate taped on, and thats all you do for the day.

no. i wish it was like that. instead im in high school, where couples meander throughout the halls everyday and show off their love obnoxiously. holding hands. looking into each others eyes and the disgusting making out (which sometimes looks like they're eating each other's faces) in corners where they think no one can see them.

oh dont worry. we see you.

but lately, i've been dateless. honestly i've been dateless pretty much my entire high school career. and the times when i haven't it wasn't exactly love at first sight, fireworks blowing up in the background.

needless to say, ive basically become the scrooge of valentines.
i moped around, watched lost all day, and made my parents a card.
oh the excitement.

well, before i become even more bitter about this stupid, little made-up holiday, i'm going to sign off. and hope that by tomorrow i have someone at least to daydream about.
at least for this blog's sake.

adios gnomies.

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