Monday, March 8, 2010

lost in stereo

What I'm Listening To:
I Love You-Benjy Davis Project


Well. I mean it's not like anyone's reading this. Buuttt. That's cool. I suppose.

I'm forreal thinking though that I need something interesting to talk about. Cause right now I'm feeling like I'm...average. And I may be. But I don't want to feel that way.
So. You're my new diary. I don't care, no one will find this. I hope.
Oh well, I'm building a bridge and getting over it.

Today has been an interesting day.

I've been proposed to.
Learned how much I actually love my best guy friend D:
Been stalked.
Been hit on on my FormSpring page...again.
And, I'm reading a good book. Yay.

To start off, yes. I was proposed to today. Completely serious. He really wanted to, I didn't. Durrrr. I was just like, um. HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES. Really, really? Did you really just ask that?
I said no, just in case you didn't catch my drift. Don't worry I'm not that stupid.

Now. My best friend, Boo. He's...amazing. He's the funniest guy you'll ever meet, his laugh is contagious. And when he says something to me, I can't help but smile. His hugs melt my soul. I'm so ridiculously in love with him, and I don't think he'll know.
Unless, he likes me too.
But that would be too nice of the world.